Buying a new home is exciting and there are so many things to consider during the process.  Doing your due diligence and checking what planning matters affect the site are key considerations missed by many people. 

The first thing to check is that all works on your site are approved by Council.  No one wants the nasty shock of finding out that the granny flat, rear deck, garage, dual occupancy etc were not approved and now have to be demolished.  A review of Council files will ensure that you know the status of your site.

Secondly, what future planning matters may impact the site and locality?  What are the surrounding zones and is there future development in immediate proximity which may impact your quality of life?  You should check if there are any road widenings proposed, any major infrastructure works being considered and if your neighbours have existing development consents.  What is the zoning of the properties adjoining and across the road from yours?  Can they build a 3 storey dwelling and impact on your sunlight and views?  Be aware of the planning issues in the locality. 

Talk to the local Council and engage a planner if you need assistance. 

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