Development Application Costs, what you can expect

There are a lot of hidden costs when you are building, and the cost of lodging your Development Application with Council is one that people are sometimes unaware of. The fees are statutory and are detailed in the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000.

The key factor which determines your fee is the cost of your proposed development. The formula for the Development Application fee takes this cost as the base, so that cheaper works don’t have to pay as high a fee as more expensive applications. Council will require proof of the cost of works in the form of a quote or letter from a qualified professional or a quantity surveyor.

In addition to the base fee, Council will also usually charge you a fee for notification and/ or advertising. This is a fee to cover the costs of your neighbours being notified and the application being advertised in a local paper if required. There are also often additional fees which are associated with the administration of setting up the files. As a rough guide, for an application that costs $500,000, you would anticipate a fee of around $2000.

This fee covers the Council’s assessment of the Development Application only. You will also need to pay a fee for your Construction Certificate and possibly other levies and bonds as required by conditions of consent.

Please keep in mind that these fees are to Council and that there will be other costs associated with the preparation of plans and reports. These fees will vary depending on the information needed for your project and the consultants you work with. Your town planner will help you work out which plans and reports are needed for your application.

Please give Watermark Planning a call if you want to talk about the likely costs associated with your site and project.