What documents do I need to lodge a Development Application?

Lodging a Development Application is a daunting job.  The Council checklists can be pages long and difficult to understand.  The reason for this is that they are a coverall document and have every possible issue included.

Assuming that you are building a house or adding to your existing home, you can expect as a base you will need the following items to lodge your application with Council:

  • Completion of Council’s Development Application form
  • Council fee
  • Survey of the land
  • Site plan, site analysis plan, floor plans, elevations, sections
  • Shadow diagrams (if two storeys)
  • Statement of Environmental Effects (town planning report)
  • Waste Management Plan
  • BASIX Certificate (work over $50,000)
  • Builders quote for the cost of works

If your site is in an area that is impacted by other constraints and issues other reports may be required.  Typical examples of additional reports required include:

  • Geotechnical report
  • Bushfire Report
  • Drainage plans
  • Driveway designs
  • Heritage report
  • Flooding reports
  • Biodiversity
  • Engineering details

A lot of relevant information is available about your site is available on a zoning certificate (Section 10.7 Certificate) which can be purchased from the council.  This is a great starting point to check if your site is impacted by any hazards.  However, to work out exactly what applies to your site, you may need some assistance from an expert to review the relevant Council and State Government controls which apply to your site.  Your town planner can help put together a list of documents required as well as completing the Statement of Environmental Effects needed to lodge the application.

Call or email Watermark Planning if you need help with the Development Application, the Council checklist or required documents for your site.

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