When looking around your immediate locality, you may sometimes see homes that are larger than you have been advised is feasible for your proposed development. 

The reasons for this can be varied.  In most instances, it is likely that the larger, bulkier dwellings were built before the current planning controls took effect.  Council’s alter their controls over the years and the requirements have become more restrictive in many instances.  The need to provide separation between structures, landscaping and reduce the scale of homes from the streetscape has more weight now than it did in previous years.

Other factors will be more site-specific such as zoning differences, impacts of natural vegetation, slip, heritage areas and proximity to views and the foreshore.   A key consideration will also be how the development affects the neighbours.  If your neighbour’s amenity is reduced beyond a certain degree when matters such as privacy, solar access and views are taken into consideration, this can decrease the scale of your development potential.

Talk to your Council and a town planner to get advice which is specific to your site.

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