When a Development Application is lodged, in most instances Council is required to notify your neighbours.  Typically the notification period is 14 days and during this time people can provide a submission to Council in support of, or objecting to the Development Application.  As a part of the assessment process, the Council must consider these objections and respond to them within the context of their report.  Objections are available publicly so you have the opportunity to read your neighbours’ concerns and issues.

It is a good idea to talk to the Council Officer about the objections and if they are considered reasonable.  If there are particular concerns that are shared by the Council Officer, then providing a written response to these is a great way to respond and ensure that the merits of your case are further strengthened. Keeping in touch with Council is helpful in ensuring that you are up to date on any concerns and you and your town planner need to make this a priority during the DA assessment period.

Our key recommendation with regard to objections is to contact your neighbour before you lodge your application.  If they are aware of what you are planning and have spoken with you about it, there is a far lesser chance of them objecting formally to Council.

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