Town planning advice to confirm the development potential and constraints of your site before you buy


Buying a property is a huge financial and emotional investment and you need to ensure that you have all your facts before committing to a purchase. It is standard practice to check the building is structurally sound and not impacted by pests. However, it is also key, to do a planning review of the site to ensure that you can develop as you want to in the future and ensure that there are no critical constraints which impact the property.

With 25 years of experience on the Northern Beaches, we know the controls and constraints of land from Palm Beach to Manly, Mosman and Willoughby.

A planning review can answer questions like these:

1. What are the development controls for the land?

2. Can I build a pool?

3. Can I build a second or third storey?

4. Are there any constraints that will impact the site?

5. Can my view be built out by neighbours?

6. Do my neighbours have development consent for any works?

If you are looking to buy a home or property and want to confirm any of the questions above or have other concerns, then a Pre-Purchase review will help get you more clarity and confidence before you make a significant investment.

Our specialist team offer a review process where we can visit the site, provide advice and answer your specific questions within a tight timeframe, to ensure that you can get your offer in ASAP.

Contact us to discuss our Pre-Purchase Review options.