Watermark Planning would love to help you. Our advice will be geared to your needs, and the specific needs of your site whether that be residential, maritime, industrial, commercial or community use.

Watermark Planning

Statements of Environmental Effects

This is the planning report which accompanies your Development Application. It will provide a thorough assessment of the proposed works against all of the state and local planning provisions. The Statement of Environmental Effects (SEE) is essential to getting any Development Application approved. Council require it to lodge the DA and an informed and complete report prepared by an expert is the key to getting your application determined as quickly as possible.

Development Assessment

Our clients include many local Councils with Watermark helping in the assessment of Development Applications and providing peer reviews of Council Officer reports.

Development Feasibility assessments

We can do a preliminary site review and determine what development is feasible and appropriate for your site. How much floor area can you add? Can you subdivide? Is a dual occupancy permissible? We can also assist in determining is Council approval is required or whether your project can be approved by a private certifier.

Unauthorised Works

Have you received an Order from Council for works which have been constructed without consent? Sometimes people didn’t realize consent was required, other items it was done before you purchased the property. We can assist in preparing a Building Certificate application to Council if you have unauthorised works on your site.

Buyers need to gain some certainty regarding the development potential of a property before they purchase. We can assist by providing a report which provides detail about the site, its constraints, and its potential to be redeveloped or upgraded. We can outline specific planning controls that affect the site and may impact the development potential to ensure as a purchaser you make a safe investment.

Project Management

The checklist of documents required by Council is daunting. The DA form can be 20 pages long and time-consuming to complete and understand. Multiple copies and electronic versions of document will be required. If you don’t have time to manage this process yourself, let us put it all together for you and keep in touch with Council until the assessment is finalised.

Review of Development Proposals (objections)

Have you received notification of a neighbouring development proposal? We can review the plans against relevant planning controls and prepare let you know if the works are compliant or not. If there are issues we can prepare an objection on your behalf for submission to Council.

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