It is often said that the most difficult part of any building project is the approvals process.  Once your plans are finalised and you review the Council checklist (which is always lengthy), one of the key items you require,  aside from your plans, is the Statement of Environmental Effects.

 Council Checklist

What is a Statement of Environmental Effects?

The Statement of Environmental Effects (SEE) is a report which will describe the site and the proposed development and review all relevant planning instruments which apply to the proposal.  If there are any non-compliances, these will be justified within this report.  The SEE will refer to any other reports and documents submitted with the application and is the summary of all relevant matters for Council to review. The SEE will be similar to the final assessment report prepared by the assessing Council Officer and is a key tool used by them in understanding your proposal.

Providing a thorough and accurate SEE is critical to ensuring that there are no delays with Council.  

When lodging your Development Application you must be confident that all planning matters have been addressed and dealt with so that any questions Council may have are already answered in the documentation provided to them.  It is in your best interest as an applicant to have your SEE prepared by a qualified town planner who is familiar with the legislation and planning instruments relevant to the site and project. 

Call or email Watermark Planning and tell us about your project. We can prepare your SEE and help get your development approved.